About Me

Lives:                Bamber Bridge, Lancashire
From:                    Beith, Ayrshire
Date of Birth:         October ‘83
Occupation:           Nuclear Waste Consultancy

I would have been 8 years old when I first visited London. I think it was Euston Station, or at least an adjoining building, and there it was – the #6 Williams Renault FW14 – Ricardo Patreses car. It had been set up as some sort of promotional event and I remember my parents filling in some sort of form to enter a competition, whilst I looked around the car in awe. From that day on, I fell in love with F1 and consequently, motor racing.

I had always wanted to compete in some form of motor sport, but it has taken me until my mid-30’s to get into the position where I can both afford it, and have the time to do it. My old job working in nuclear power, seen me work unpredictable hours and made it impossible to commit to a hobby – however I’ve moved into a better role now and actually have the time!