12th April – Track Day

A glorious day up at Knockhill, and the first outing since fitting Nankang AR-1’s to the car and…. what a difference these tyres made. A far more consistent tyre than the Maxxsport RB5, and the grip is on another level to that tyre. It showed in my consistency – with the track being relatively quiet in the morning, I managed to put together 9 laps in a row all between 1’01.0 and 1’01.3 – with a full fuel tank I am very happy with that.

In terms of car performance, putting the AR-1’s meant I had to re-calibrate my learning to a point – braking points were later, I could turn in sharper and apply the throttle earlier. Ultimately I managed to get my best time of the day to 1’00.03 – however perhaps most encouragingly my virtual best lap time of all the Purple Sectors is 58.4 – so the car has pace to spare. Unfortunately, the track was busier in the afternoon and I never got much clear running.

The day ended on a bad note when a pin sheered on the gear selector, leaving the car stuck in 4th. It probably prevented me from getting the best running in – but all is good. I am confident I won’t disgrace myself going into SLS next week.