3rd March Track Day

The session started well, with the car going good, consistently lapping in the 1’01’s on a nearly dry track. However, big spin in the late morning seen a heavy trip into the gravel and the first ever time I’ve brought red flags out.

Basically, I got Duffus wrong, distracted by another car – I should have backed out but kept going. It ended with a massive spin and a trip into the gravel. Thankfully only a front splitter being the damage to the car at it could have been a much bigger one. However the car went hard into the gravel and it took me a bit of time to regain my confidence

The track seemed to slow down a bit in the afternoon, coupled with the car developing some fuel starvation issues, seen a bit of a frustrating day.

However the next outing should see the car freshly painted and running the competition tyres and brakes for the season. I’m hopeful we will see the car start to get close to the 1 minute mark. I think another tweek the suspension and get some general advice on set up would help further still. I also think I need some sort of brake proportioning valve, as the lock up points of the fronts and rears are very close together, sometimes the rears are locking up before the fronts, and that isn’t a good thing!

Overall the track was quite busy both with faster and slower cars, so whilst it was good to get some more experience driving in amongst traffic, it was a little frustrating in getting to do what I wanted – but thats a track day for you.