SLS Rounds 3 and 4

Well….. there isn’t much to write here. At a lot of expense to prepare for the event, the car didn’t get any running time at all at Rounds 3 and 4 as the the engine wouldn’t start. Two more DNS, a 4 figure sum down the bin, and a car that isn’t any closer to working.

It is getting to be quite frustrating and disheartening – not to mention expensive. I have completed 14 laps this season, where I would have expected to have completed about 130-150 over the 4 rounds if it was trouble free. Sure, I did expect some issues along the ways, but I would have hoped to have completed > 10% of the laps I could have achieved by this stage of the season. 

Here is hoping that Round 5 and 6 finally deliver me a trouble free weekend.