Track day 10th February

The first outing of the year for the MR2, and our first time driving the car since it was taken to Kenneth Brown Motor Engineering for a going over of the suspension and weightings.

It was a cold February day, maybe about 2°C rising to about 5°C by the end of play. The track was very green having not been used much over winter, and the greasy dew coating the track took until about 2pm to properly lift. However, today wasn’t about flying laps, it was about getting much needed track time and trying to learn about the car.

Gradual progression of lap times

Overall, we were very happy how the car performed. We managed to get 91 laps in and overall happy with the consistency and gaining speed as the dew dried. It wasn’t a day for fast lap times (best lap of the day was 1:00.9), but we are confident the car will be competitive in SLS.

The changes made at Kenneth Brown made a massive difference to the car, allowing more aggression on the brakes and generally more predictable handling, pretty much the cheapest way I will ever gain 2 seconds a lap. We have uploaded a comparison with one the fastest laps from the September outing, with the lap shown being from the 2nd last session as the Go Pro batteries missed the fastest lap of the day. The September outing was about 13°C by comparison, and was on a track well rubbered in nearing the end of the season, so should have theoretically been a fair bit quicker than today’s session.

The car kept pace well with the TTRS track car up ahead, but straight line speed will always be its let down.